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Overtaking is not allowed until the cars have passed the start/finish line, or in F1, the safety car line at pit entry.When there are circumstances where double-waved yellow flags are needed yet usage of the safety car is not warranted, then the race will be under a Virtual Safety Car period, during which all flag points will display a "VSC board" and all light panels on track will display the letters "VSC" surrounded by a flashing yellow border.This flag is shown at the discretion of the marshals manning the station.When the safety car is on the circuit, all flag points will display a "safety car board" (a large white board with "SC" in large black lettering).On oval tracks, yellow lights universally supplement the primary flag at the start/finish line.These lights usually operate in a flashing manner, in order to quickly gain the attention of the drivers.FIA-sanctioned championship flags are the most commonly used internationally (outside of North America) as they cover championships such as Formula 1, the FIA World Endurance Championship and WTCC, and are adopted (and sometimes adapted) by many more motorsport governing bodies across the world such as, for example, the MSA.Informs drivers that a faster car is approaching and that they must let them pass.(Indicated by the Blue flag with a diagonal stripe in NASCAR, while the solid flag signals a partial course blockage or stopped car on course.) Status flags are used to inform all drivers of the general status of the course during a race.

When the safety car comes in and the race resumes, a green flag is displayed at the start line, and subsequently at all flag points around the circuit for one lap.

In Formula One racing, a yellow flag displayed at the starter's stand or a marshal station indicates that there is a hazard "downstream" of the station.

The manner of display depends on the location of the hazard: When shown at a station, drivers are forbidden from overtaking until either the hazard or the next flag station displaying a green flag (signifying the end of a cautionary section) is passed.

In addition, the green, yellow, and red flags described below may be augmented or replaced by lights at various points around the circuit.

The solid green flag is usually displayed by the starter to indicate the start of a race.

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