Robin givens dating brad pitt

According to, although their relationship on screen was basically crazy, off screen they were normal and dated for four years. To the world, he had a rebel kind of look, he was the complete opposite. , and Brad Pitt supposedly had a brief fling back in 1989.

According to, Brad had a brief relationship in 1989 with E. According to, during the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards, Christina decided to take Brad as her date instead of Skid Row rocker, Sebastian Bach, who she ditched for Brad.

Robin confirmed that was true, but said Mike never found them in bed together.

It was all really good.” Then, Robin was asked about some of the claims her ex husband Mike Tyson made in his 2013 memoir, “Undisputed Truth.” Mike said he drove up to her house and saw Robin and Brad in a car together.

According to, Mike even caught the two together when he arrived at Robin’s house.

, a movie about a detective who is given the task of hunting down a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as a motif.Jill Schoelen was actually Brad Pitt’s first fiancé.According to, in the late 1980s, Brad had 0 to his name and he used 0 of that to buy a ticket and fly to Budapest, where Jill was filming a movie.Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston first started dating in the year 1998 and it wasn’t long before they were married in the year 2000.According to, the couple was only married for five years before divorcing in 2005.

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According to, although there were quite a few rumors saying that the two celebrities were having a brief fling, neither of them admitted it and have to this day kept frustratingly quiet about it.

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