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A Scorpio can be overly jealous and possessive when he is in love.

A woman must be aware of her boundaries so as not to ruffle his feathers.

For the Scorpio woman, the Sagittarius man presents as a man who takes risks – and the Scorpio woman cannot resist taking an emotional risk with him herself, as she likes to run the full gamut of emotional experiences.

So far so good; but how will Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility fare once the couple start to get to know each other?

In love, Scorpio is a true romantic who has an all or nothing approach to love.

Once certain about a man, an outpouring of affection, devotion and passion will follow. This lady is very possessive of her man and expects him to give her all the attention in the world.

This couple are highly sexually compatible, being a fire/water sign match, and they can create a very steamy sex life where the Scorpio woman’s depths of passion more than match the Sagittarius man’s ardor and fire.

Outside the bedroom, however, there are some glaring problems to overcome. The Sagittarius man is very honest, direct and straightforward.

She knows exactly what she wants and demands that she gets them.

The Archers are considered the Sage or Counselors of the Zodiac. Because when things start to get serious and commitment is in the air, Sagittarians get cold feet and realize that their freedom is on the line.

When this happens, the Archers will step on the brakes and assess the situation. She is carefree, optimistic and a beautiful bundle of energy.

For the free spirited Sagittarius man, the Scorpio woman presents something of an enigma.

She is difficult to get to know, since she is such a private woman – but that just eggs him on.

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