Sexy women on wechat

Sa Wang has co-founded several successful companies in the tech and blockchain space, first at popular Chinese self-service kiosk startup Dora, and now at top 50 crypto project and blockchain protocol IOST.

We hear a lot about women (or the lack thereof) in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

If you’re in it for the money, don’t bother — tens of thousands of people are doing the same thing.

Besides, the real value of blockchain technology can’t be measured in dollar or yuan signs.

A woman thought she had come up with the perfect new scam, but in the end it backfired on her.

You certainly shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously — especially if your interests lie in blockchain technology, rather than crypto speculation.But Chinese crypto puts a much larger emphasis on community than the U. — it’s everything, and it can go a long way towards empowering women.Since Twitter and You Tube are banned in China, We Chat (China’s answer to Whats App) is our community hub of choice.It will only discourage you, because the statistics are against you.Set your own goals and establish an intrinsic, guiding mission to get you through the crazy ride upon which you are about to embark.

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What can the rest of the world learn from our experiences?

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