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Register FREE today and find out how easy it is to fill up your social calendar and date attractive single men in Toronto! As rewarding as it is to see them grow into the people you dreamed they would be, it can be discouraging to do it without the resources you need.Churches and other community organizations often offer events like Mom's Day Out, which can look like anything from free babysitting to free automotive services (like tire rotations and oil changes) or spa and beauty services. Be sure to take advantage of Moms Day Out events if you hear about them in your area.Most communities offer community classes, which can be a great opportunity to meet new people as a single parent, learn some new parenting skills, or pursue a hobby or passion.The community board at your local coffee shop can sometimes connect you to helpful resources.For many small community programs that can't afford traditional advertising, community boards are a main communication channel for getting the word out to parents in need.If you're in a bind, and it's not a traditional emergency, try dialing 2-1-1.Many states offer assistance through 2-1-1, which operates much like 9-1-1, but provides free referrals to local social service agencies, groups and organizations.

Most groups offer a combination of support and family friendly activities.Awareness of the programs in your community can help improve your parenting experience.Here are 12 community programs for single parents to watch for in your area.Instead of watching your child's classes, or only focusing on a parenting group, why not combine the two?Mommy and Me-type classes encourage bonding while teaching your child new skills.

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