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I couldn't believe how Vlad could drive through bumper to bumper traffic, down alleys and side streets to try and stay on schedule. Our tour started late (35mins late) waiting for stragglers to arrive.

My daughter said it reminded her of the scene from Harry Potter were the bus makes itself skinny to get between 2 vehicles! Alex was very knowledgeable with fantastic English. Our driver was slow and unresponsive to any tour member.

She held up the SPB sign in front of her and was constantly speaking toward the item of interest, as a consequence we couldn't hear much of anything.

Many times during the tour of city Hall, there were only a few people around her and she spoke to them before the group could gather together. the hour given to tour City Hall was too long, as we milled with throngs of other guided tours, especially when you can't hear anything.

There were 8 very bored children on the tour, and by we bailed out when we arrived at the old town as we still hadn't had any food and everyone was really cranky.

A system tray widget which displays current weather information …

She held up the SPB sign in front of her and was constantly speaking toward the item of interest,...twh Just installed it on my Touch HD, over the top of SPB 3.0. No funny stuff happening – recognised me as a registered user straight away, runs all my normal stuff.Haven't had time to play with new features yet, but will get to that tonight. Got rid of all my cooked versions and went for the mother's milk. Please, I,m not tech savy so I dont want to be left with an expensive brick.The Vasa museum was great, as we left our guide and watched the movie and toured the site ourselves, as well, we gave up trying to hear what she was saying.We left late again from this site, as the same group late at the beginning of the tour, were late again.

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In a way it doesn't seem fair to rate both tours on this one format, but there is no other way to rate our tour in Stockholm.

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