Takashi sorimachi and nanako matsushima dating

They have two daughters together, born on May 31, 2004 and November 30, 2007.

Rika, Moe and their friend trick Onizuka into thinking he ran her over with his motorcycle.My problem stems from Sorimachi's lack of real acting ability (In fact, writing profiles on personalities like this always makes me think I should have a seperate section for the essentially talentless).The more generous critics claim that he makes up for this in charisma and star quality. Born Noguchi Takashi in Saitama Prefecture, his ambitions led him to the famous Johnny's Jimusho agency, home of SMAP.Like SMAP, he found himself in the late '80s as a backing dancer to the idol boy-band of the day, the roller-skating Hikaru Genji.He later changed direction and moved into modeling.

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He goes to school and informs the students that he's going to substitute at another school for a while and Fuyutsuki will fill in for him.

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