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Exercise a high degree of caution in Iran due to crime, demonstrations, the regional threat of terrorism and the risk of arbitrary detention.

Canadians, particularly dual Canadian-Iranian citizens, are at risk of being arbitrarily questioned, arrested and detained.

Seemingly innocuous behaviours, such as the use of cameras in public places, travel beyond well-established tourist attractions or casual interactions with Iranian friends, may be misinterpreted and may lead to investigation.

Canadians, particularly dual Canadian-Iranian citizens, may be arbitrarily questioned, arrested and detained.

Their stories reveal the hypocrisies of modern Iranian society, where sex, drugs, and corruption coexist with strict religious law.

Political demonstrations and gatherings occur, and can become violent.

People near demonstrations have been assaulted or killed.

Petty theft, such as purse snatching and burglary, occurs. Ensure personal belongings, passports and travel documents are secure, and carry a photocopy of your passport’s identification page at all times.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles are often targeted by thieves.

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