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Compendium of physical activities: An update of activity codes and MET intensities.Background: Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) pose a serious threat to prevention and control efforts.Data in tables with small cell sizes (n≤5) were not suppressed, since disclosure is not deemed to pose any risk of identifying individual cases. In 2013, TB DST results for 1,397 isolates were reported to PHAC. bovis) and 618 (44%) were MTBC of an unknown species. bovis BCG and were excluded from further analyses (data not shown).Of these, 762 (54%) were reported as MTBC where the species was known (750 were M. As a result, laboratory results for 1,380 isolates were analyzed for this article.

In 2008/2010, First Nations on-reserve were asked about their levels of activity. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 7(40).

Physical activity can be measured in many different ways which can make it challenging to report on.

In this section, physical activity is measured based on comparisons to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, energy expenditures and amounts of physical activity per day or week.

Although drug-resistant TB has not yet been identified as a major problem in Canada, its potential to become an issue is high because of the frequency with which Canadians travel abroad.

In 1998, in response to a growing concern about TB drug resistance worldwide, the Government of Canada in partnership with the Canadian Tuberculosis Laboratory Technical Network (CTLTN)—a network of provincial and territorial TB laboratories across Canada with representation from their respective technical or scientific TB programs leads—established the Canadian Tuberculosis Laboratory Surveillance System (CTBLSS) to monitor trends and patterns in tuberculosis drug resistance in Canada over time.

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The results are published annually as the complex (MTBC) where the species was known.

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