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Though it only lasted for 16 episodes, Flajnik was booked as a guest.

He hit it off with Jenner, and the pair hung for a while, though like the show they met on, it wasn't meant to last.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs had to create an amuse-bouche within 10 minutes using only the existing appetizer food and plastic service-ware from their introductory party. Elimination Challenge: The chefs were asked to create a "surf and turf" dish in two hours using exotic proteins, such as ostrich, buffalo, abalone, alligator, snake, black chicken, geoduck, and eel.

The winner received three books from guest judge, chef Alfred Portale, and an invitation to spend a week at the Gotham Bar and Grill working with Portale and his staff.

Simmering in the background for sometime, however, is the somewhat surprising trend of VIPs dipping into the Bachelor Nation dating pool.

It's certainly come to a head over the past few days as the internet buzzes over the fact that model Gigi Hadid is now not only Instagram mutuals with season 15 contestant Tyler Cameron, but reportedly hung out with him over the weekend.

They had 0 to spend on groceries and initially had three hours to prep.

However, on the day of the lunch, the chefs were told that they only had 90 minutes to complete their meals and pack them for service.

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