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When that effort failed (and failed, and failed, six times over), he was left homeless, disheartened, and broke—but not broken.

He kept on pursuing his dream, and in 1998 it finally took flight, when hundreds of mostly African-American fans lined up to buy tickets for the seventh staging of the show he'd devoted his life to, I Know I've Been Changed.

He also detailed his complex and close relationship with Tyler, who he said is scared his popular Madea stage performances would not continue to garner financial and critical success if he came out.

He also claims Tyler Perry stole the idea for Madea from a drag queen show.

The success of opened the doors to a whole new world for Perry. Perry agreed to do so with the condition that he would be allowed to rewrite the play, produce and direct it. When the show eventually opened in 1999, it was a huge success. With 17 feature films, 20 stage plays, seven television shows, a New York Times bestselling book to his credit, Tyler has built an empire that has attracted audiences and built communities from the Tyler Perry Studios home base in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also See: Tessa Thompson’s Husband, Parents, Feet, Body, Height, Mother, Boyfriend Perry’s sexual orientation has been an issue of debate for a very long time, although Perry has not publicly denied the rumors whether he is gay or not, the rumors have persisted with many coming out with what they perceive as shreds of evidence to prove he isn’t straight.

Perry sits down with Oprah to talk about his journey from struggling artist to superstar.

Also See: Madeline Zima Wiki, Bio, Feet, Height, Age, Married, Husband, Kids His rise to stardom began in 1991 when he saw an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) discussing the therapeutic nature of writing.

This inspired him to begin writing and he worked through his bad experiences by writing letters to himself. Unfortunately, after renting a theater in Atlanta to stage the play, he failed to attract as much audience as he desired.

Two weeks later, the play was moved to the Fox Theater in the same city where it continued to sell out—this time selling out a much larger arena since the Fox featured around 4,000 seats.

Interestingly, this was not the end of the show’s success as the play went on to gross several million dollars.

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For lovers of movies and entertainment as a whole, the name does ring a bell – if not several bells.

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