Unmoderated boy chat

I usually automatically mute everyone and then block at the first annoying thing someone says when I play anything online. Every game genre and playstyle have their shares of decent humans and garbage humans, but I've never played a shooter that wasn't always disproportionately in favor of trash monkeys the world probably wouldn't miss if they all caught fire and died.Does anyone really think we'd be losing a cure for cancer?

I honestly don't get why people have joy in these things, im just there to enjoy the game and escape the horrible things happening in real life.

Parents need to know that Fire Chat is a free messaging app meant to be used without an internet connection (no Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Using Bluetooth technology and a peer-to-peer network, it enables users to send and forward messages to other nearby Fire Chat users.

I suggest finding a group of like-minded people to play with.

Make a thread in the BF1 forum asking for usernames to play with, or clans to join.

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  2. And screwed up my evo so bad that I was on tech support with Sprint over 6 hours and finally had to wipe out everything and start over. I also strongly recommend not changing settings around if you don't know what you are doing.