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Visit podcast consultation services if you need one-on-one consultation to fix your feed errors.For the most part, notices are not an issue with feed validation.Just some random thinking and putting it out there.

I need to check this RSS Feed and make sure it's valid before I let the submission go through. I found this class, but it doesn't work for me at all: also found this, but the reply is vague and doesn't help me: help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Searching on your title in the Store produces no result, so your podcast may have been removed - with the feed not working this isn't surprising.

I can't advise on Sound Cloud, and I've no idea what causes this mysterious 'redirected' message.

their Feeds normally work OK, and all I can advise is you look round their settings and see if you can find a way to restore the feed.

If you do not see the Valid RSS logo (pictured above), then you must take the necessary steps to fix the problem in your feed as soon as possible.

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