Vicki zhao and alec su dating

Wei was also known as Vicki Zhao, a Chinese actress, director and pop singer.

Zhao has received many awards including the Hundred Flowers Award and the Shanghai Film Critics Award.

I heard that she'll appear in it with her ex-classmate, Chen Kun (陈坤).

This big budget drama will star Huang Xiaoming, Victoria, Sheng Yilun, Zhang Li and Baron Chen. New Xuan Yuan Sword 《軒轅劍之漢之雲》 Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud drama based on the video game will start shooting on May 26th!This will be the drama version of the Ghouls movie. Rush to the Dead Summer written by Guo Jingming will be adapted into a drama, with slightly more focus in the boy-boy relationships: New period drama Love is More Than a Word started filming today.Yes, Love is more than a word, it is THE buzz word on every drama… The place where she was born is also my hometown,so I have a special feeling to her. Now her home is in Shanghai and I'm also here to study. Here are some gif files of Vicki in Romance In The Rain I found them on Baidu Vicki Bar [img] [img] [img] [img] love Vicki!! almost all of her dramas are good and worth to watch on!! I love her since her 1st known drama (Princess Pearl), and still loving her. [img] so glad to see so many people who like Vicki!!! Hi everybody, look likes this thread is a bit quiet, although Vicky is the best chinese actress (at least for me). Coz, there is Vicky Hope someone will sub it, houraaaaaaaaaaa, can't wait.

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