I feel that we can’t do this work well if we are far detached from those who we are serving.I’m super excited to get out in the field to meet as many partners, providers, and staff as possible.Who is one of your role models or someone who has influenced your work? My mother was a kindergarten teacher and my father was a campus security guard.

I’m also looking forward to conversations about how we can serve historically underserved and underrepresented populations to ensure that parents and children have access to quality services regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation – and that our early learning environments are a place where children themselves feel safe, love and respected, and feel that their culture is loved and respected as well.

My mom would always post inspiration sayings and pictures in our rooms and one of my favorites that she left for me was a picture that said, ‘If you do not stand for something.

You’ll fall for anything.’ I take that philosophy with me everywhere I go. I’m super excited to meet everyone in the Division as well as our partners.

I want to help ensure that we’re being collaborative in that process and evaluate our progress in the breakthrough teams.

I hope to engage all stakeholders with the Mixed-Delivery Preschool model including identifying the Hubs that we will be working with on that particular initiative. I’m the youngest girl of ten children and they both really instilled a work ethic and a love for education in all of us.

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