What to do about intimidating neighbours

If your neighbour rents their property you could complain to their landlord or letting agent.The landlord may be able to help deal with antisocial behaviour.Your council may suggest mediation to help reach an agreement or compromise.A professional mediator will set up a meeting with you and your neighbour to discuss the issues and try to find the best outcome for both parties.

It’s important to involve these authorities because sometimes we need their help to take action. You can keep alerted to problems in your local area by signing up to Online Watch Link.

Check insurance policies as these sometimes include free advice.

Your first step should be to discuss the problem with your neighbour. Agree that you can bring a friend or adviser with you if needed and make a note of what you discuss.

You and your neighbour both have to agree to take part.

Different types of mediation service are available depending on your circumstances.

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