White guy dating asian woman

”Honestly, do you think my granny would say the same if I took a nice black or Asian girl home?!

I think at the end of the day, it's a cultural thing.

My mate Ramon came to America from Mexico when he was 5, he used to always tell me how racist his parents where, he said they were cool with white dudes dating his sister, but never black or Asian men. ”Me being me, I found it extremely funny and made a joke out of it.

I said “she looked but there aren't enough men in China!

"This video was a weird experience because it started with my being hurt and angry, and ended up with me wanting to help and learn more," she says in the video.

Tran talks to professional matchmakers, social science experts and people in interracial relationships to figure out why people — and in particular, Asian men — reacted so negatively to her love life.

She shares some of the nasty comments she gets when she shares pictures of her mixed-race nieces and nephews, and explores the complex reactions that interracial couples get from people of all ethnicities.

As Tran learns by the end of the documentary, the resentment that people feel toward her and her partner can stem from a very real and painful place.

The day after my wedding, my new husband and I both received messages from a fake Facebook account that simply said "race traitor." It's hard to know if I was dealing with a white supremacist or someone who was expressing their hurt in an unhealthy way.

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