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actress spent a week-long romantic getaway with Knight relaxing at popular vacation spot Big Sur in California.There they took full advantage of the amenities, going on scenic hikes, and soaking up the sunshine at the luxurious Post Ranch Inn hotel. Her name is Juna and she is from the Suichuan SWI in the Jiangxi province. Because that is just what Miss Boo does to Barbie Dolls. Well, Barbie is CLEARLY the girlfriend-on-the-side of a studio chief in Hollywood. To refresh your memory, it's a Barbie given to adoption families who stay at White Swan. I had written a snarky post about this particular Barbie. All I can think of is that Barbie is the hot nanny you stupidly hired to take care of your... A reminder to me to hide the Going Home Barbie before Miss Boo finds her, strips her and the origins unknown baby down, and wraps them in toilet paper.

So it just makes it look as if I’ve had, like, 6,000 boyfriends!

Katie made a comment in the last post about how she was laughing over the Going Home Barbie. While thankful Mattel does something so nice for adoption families (and gets a little publicity at the same time) I think Barbie and her supposedly Asian (Guatemalan) baby need a slight re-design. I showed him 20 year old Barbie (too young to adopt from China- or perhaps she's been had some Botox) and her Asian (Guatemalan) baby in her hoochie baby outfit and my Chinese friend said, "Why is she holding a Hawaiian baby? "He replied, "No, I would think Barbie has been to Hawaii."And there you have it. And you wonder why your husband is now coming home early from work to eagerly offer her a ride home?

Check out a link with picture to see what the current version looks like. Anyway, I forgot to mention what my Chinese friend said when he saw the Barbie. If you saw this in the stores, would you assume Barbie was holding a Chinese baby?

If it’s not going to be Prince Harry, then it’s going to be a knight at least!

Emma, now 25, has reportedly been spending time with 35-year-old tech manager William “Mack” Knight over the past few months.

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Despite the age difference — Emma was 19 while Jay was 26 — it seemed to be the real deal. Unfortunately, when she began school at Brown, the distance didn’t work for these former love birds.

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