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As a little girl, Oswald would study the covers of her mother's records for hours as she listened to them.

There, by the record collection, she came to feel a connection with the musicians, who led a life outside normal society and were able to elevate pain and sorrow into beauty.

I just can't get into it, no matter how many italicized lyrics quotes these highbrow pop essayists put in.

– Jantso Jokelin Some people find nothing as boring as talking about their dreams or finding hidden meanings in them. The impetus behind this article is a dream I had, in which an old man holding a blowtorch told me to look into the background of John Frusciante's first solo album, has been with me since I was 14.

It was like looking into the face of someone and seeing yourself.

I think that was a huge thing for both of us as it gave us the sense that we weren't alone anymore.

I didn't contact Frusciante himself, because he doesn't generally give interviews, and anyway, I'm too much of a fan.

Parts of this story haven't been told in public until now.There was someone else on the planet that understood how we felt about being alive, which is actually quite rare.It wasn't just a romantic encounter, but a discovery of spiritual siblinghood.was a secret passageway I took, like Alice, into Frusciante's wacky wonderland.After my dream I decided to look up Toni, who Frusciante had dedicated the record to.

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