Who is justin silver dating

DJ Lou’s date gets friendly with a comic at The Comedy Cellar.

Big Jay explains why Bon Jovi is much better than Bruce Springsteen & Shane Gillis joins Dan and Jay in discussing who the real bullies are in some very famous movies.

Ex-Corey’s Angel Jezebel Sweet tells what it was like living and touring with the Goonies star.

Joe De Rosa’s former life as a Texas State Senate reporter is revealed on cassette tape.

Also featuring the new segment, "Yo, Yous Seen This Yet" movie review of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" with Kilah and Beezer.

Shane Gillis on his sister’s Eqyptian husband and Coptic Christian wedding.

Justin quickly throws them off and attacks Dean, knocking him to the ground.

Ron Bennington joins the show and talks about his old co-host Fez coming out on air.In Ladies Drink Free, after Hayden leaves the bar where he works at, a disguised Justin attacks and bites her.However, after being warned about him by Hayden's best friend, Hayden's brother Ben stumbles upon the scene and Justin rips out his heart.At one time, Justin was part of a pack of werewolves consisting of over twenty members that were peaceful and left humans alone.However, after the British Men of Letters came to America, they attacked his pack using sulphate gas.

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Jay recounts the time Dave Attell and David Spade were in the audience for a performance of Ha! Dan Soder talks about his former high school crushes that wouldn’t sleep with him.

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