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River Phoenix, the unnervingly talented actor and elder brother to Joaquin Phoenix, was just 23 when he died of a drug overdose.At the time, he was about 80 percent through the arduous production of released a trailer today, confirming that the film will, more than two decades after its production, finally see a release.

Director George Sluizer had held onto the footage for close to 14 years.

It debuted at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2012.20.

Many of Phoenix’s friends and contemporaries remembered him in song after his death, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers with “Transcending” to Natalie Merchant with “River,” Stereophonics with “Chris Chambers,” and more.

When they became disillusioned with the group after a few years, they returned to the U.

S., settling in Florida and changing their last name to Phoenix to symbolize their rebirth.3. Phoenix was a vegan since childhood, making the decision when he became upset seeing fisherman near his Venezuela home killing their catch.5.

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A movie star, a singer and an activist, he had recently completed movies and had new projects in the works.

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