Why is online dating so hard

I also worry he may be just another catfish and I lose interest.’ Amy Sutton, a PR professional from Odiham, tried all the apps before finding her partner and said she had similar feelings when she saw a profile of a perfect ten.

She said: ‘I’d probably not message or add a really good-looking guy.

It may not sound like the most tear-jerking plight but research from Oxford University has found that men who consider themselves a 10/10 receive fewer messages than men who view themselves as an average-looking 5/10.

I get worried that this person might be too cocky or too much into themselves or might have the wrong intentions. He is a great looking guy”, but then I come to a conclusion that he is too perfect and I get worried he might be too much into himself or that he may have the wrong intentions.

I’d assume they were probably inundated with messages and out of my league or that they might be arrogant.’ When swiping right, Amy says she was attracted to ‘humour and warmth’ rather than traditional good looks. Nothing worse than someone who uses a profile as a gallery of their abs or showing how “cool” they are.’ Average guys may seem more approachable to women like Urszula and Amy, but not all attractive guys feel the odds are stacked against them in online dating.

‘They would have to look natural and happy with themselves,’ she explained. Max, a 24-year-old account manager from Croydon told us: ‘I don’t think it has any effect at all if I’m honest with you, we live in age where people are pretty switched on that no one is going to look 100% like their pictures. ‘Don’t get me wrong everyone loves an absolute weapon but you can’t just be a gravitational puller that expects people to flock to you, especially online. ‘I have three sisters though, so on top of looks it’s always good to have an idea of what women might want to hear.’ Not all guys who consider themselves average-looking feel that online dating works in their favour.

Maybe it’s time we all stop judging a book by its cover.

I’m a big believer in efficiency when it comes to dating. Y’see, online dating can seem for folks, especially people who have a touch of approach anxiety or hate the bar and club scene but don’t necessarily want to try hitting up strangers at Barnes and Noble.

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They prefer to go for guys they see as a safer bet.

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