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Many young girls find themselves in situations similar to those of Grace and Apple, and once at the mercy of their exploiters, it is impossible for them to escape.

Every year, thousands of women and young girls are victims of the local sex industry (Unicef, 2005).

They were just three ‘of the thousands of women from 18 to 80 signing up to become webcam girls’.

At £3.50 a minute, you could see the attraction: they didn’t even have to leave the house.

In total, 43 girls were saved, and they later filed a lawsuit against their exploiters.

Liza was able to go back to school, where she learned to be a chef (Unicef, 2005).

Criminals have profited from this situation to build a sex industry, which results in the abuse of children.

For those careworn from a life of poverty and victims of natural disasters, the only means of many women’s survival in the Philippines is to quit school and find work in the capitol, often as housekeepers.

The Truth About Webcam Girls was a candid look at the twilight world of webcam sex shows, as seen through the lively laptops of Sammie, Carla and Olivia.

’ After Sweetie replied ‘Yes’ he said: ‘wanna chat or cam with older? He has also been ordered to attend a sex offender treatment programme and has been given a 12-month correction order.

You can get into trouble when setting about reviewing a show called The Truth About Webcam Girls (BBC3).

Apple, 16 years old, already has a 2-year-old child and is pregnant again by an unknown man (Info chrétienne, 2017).

The fight for survival required them both to leave behind their school desks in order to go to work selling their bodies.

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